Summer Seminar: The Marriage Equation


Sunday Worship @ 9am & 10:30am, Livestream @ 9am, WestKids & Nursery @ 9am & 10:30am

 July 06, 2022

 6:30 PM

 Room 203 upper level


Dr. Cloud will guide you to put in place the structures that will shape your marriage into something that grows healthier and more loving over time. Whether you're the type of couple who simply likes to invest in growth, or you're in a bad place, Dr. Cloud can show you the best way to make marriage work. True love can be restored, intimacy can be regained and trust that was broken can be healed.

Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist, and best-selling author. He draws on his extensive experience in clinical psychology and leadership development, to impart practical and effective advice.