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Men's Ministry

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the West Church Men’s ministry is to help men become disciples. Men who are called to walk with Christ, equipped to live like Christ and sent to work for Christ.

We will do this by helping men develop authentic relationships with Godly men. Men who will help them:

  • Find the meaning of the Gospel through relevant teachings and shared experience.
  • Become leaders in their households and church.
  • Be living examples of Godly men in the marketplace, the community and the world.
Men's breakfast

Every third Saturday of the Month (on hiatus due to COVID restraints)

Each month from October to May we gather together to eat, fellowship, and listen to a talk about relative topics which are the core of men’s lives.

It’s a place for men to be real and get something to help them live their lives with integrity and purpose. 7am to 9am in the Vestry of West Church.

Men’s Retreat

A time of spiritual growth and renewal during the fall.

Getting More Information

If you have questions or would like any additional information on Men’s Ministry, please feel free to contact Mike Stevens.