Personal Retreats


Sunday Worship @ 9am & 10:30am, Livestream @ 9am, WestKids & Nursery @ 9am & 10:30am

Personal Retreats and Marriage & Parenting Resources

During the month of May, West Church’s focus is “ LOVE is.” Pastor Chris will be preaching a series unpacking 1 Corinthians 13, which, although well-known and often quoted, has much more to say than what you may have heard at weddings.

As a companion to the sermon series, we are offering two different resources to guide you through a “relationship retreat.” In these days of isolation, as our lives have been strained and stretched and surrounded by uncertainty, our relationships can be tested and imbalanced.

It may be helpful to take some time either by yourself or with another, meet with God, slow down, and listen. Listen to yourself, to someone you love, and to God, who loves you without measure and with complete understanding.

Chose the retreat that best fits your needs. We are praying for us all as we open to what Love Is.

Personal Retreat #1

Personal Retreat #2

How to Engage Silence

Listening Prayer

Marriage & Parenting Resources

Parent Cue is a product of Orange so it blends with our children & youth curriculum that we currently use at WestKids & WestYouth

SUBSPLASH - This is a great app that parents can use for conversation starters about a huge variety of topics within Marriage,Family,Parenting.

Paul Tripp - Content on parenting and also marriage. Webinars, articles, devotionals, etc.

Axis - Parenting info but also very informative in terms of what our youth are experiencing in todays culture.

MarriageToday - We’ve hosted an XO conference before at West and this is the organization that puts it on. Lots of great marriage focused info and encouragement.

The websites all have apps as well to access content with the exception of Subsplash which is just an app.