Congregational Survey


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Congregational Survey


Your feedback on the following 7 questions will assist the Senior Leadership Team and staff as we seek to lead the church through the current COVID-19 crisis and continue on our re-entry plan including in-person Sunday morning worship services. Our priority continues to be the health and well-being of people both within and around our church as well as our witness in the community. So, as an expression of love-we want to do all that we can to preserve the lives, health and well-being of both Christians and non-Christians in our community. As Jesus has shown us, real love involves sacrifice, and concern for the other at our own expense. 

We also wish to remind you that West Church isn't closed. The Church is not the building or the Sunday morning service. The church is the body of Christ commissioned to do the work of the Kingdom of heaven. Wherever you are, be the Church for those around you. Be a place of refuge and compassion for people who are hurting.

The survey should take about 5 minutes maximum.